Another Rebel Gets Old, Disses New Music

It’s a depressingly familiar scenario.

A Musician/Record Producer/Radio DJ (delete as appropriate) makes/signs/plays lots of wonderful new music in his/her youth and early 30s. The world is aflame, it is brilliant, there is so much talent out there . .

Then he/she gets older, mourns the loss of all that wonderful creativity of their era, and decries todays music as “shit”.

See the Phantom 105.2 website for the story of Creation Records founder Alan McGee who laughs at the destruction of the Sony warehouse in London (which wiped out the stock of dozens of indie record labels, and artists as well as DVD stock) because, in his view,  it was full of “shit” new music which “you couldn’t sell”.

Just like the people who decried his music as “rubbish” when he was busy signing the talent of the 90s, Alan has now fallen into the trap of viewing the past through rose-tinted glasses and the future through blinkers.

Never mind. There is a whole  generation of new musicians waiting out there, and these days they don’t even need a record label or the approval of an Alan McGee to get heard.

And I welcome them all. I’m nearly 50, but I haven’t stopped being excited by new bands yet . . and hopefully I never will.

Check out my show on Radio Seagull every Saturday 6-8am and 6-8pm (7-9 CET) for at least 50% brand new music mixed in with recent and older classics.


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