July 2010 JNLR (radio audience) results

The latest audience figures for commercial radio in Ireland have been released by the BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland).

Headline details below:


The latest results from the JNLR/Ipsos MRBI survey covering the period July 2009 – June 2010 were released today (Thursday 29th July).

The survey results indicate that 86% (same) of the adult population was listening daily to a mix of national, regional, multi-city and local radio throughout the country.

For the purposes of comparison, figures for this survey period are compared with the April 2009– March 2010 figures.  The main changes and highlights are as follows:

National Reach and Market Share

Listenership to any multi-city/regional/local radio service remained the same at 58%.

Weekday reach figures are unchanged for Today FM (14%),             Newstalk (7%) and RTÉ Lyric FM (3%).  Slight reductions were recorded for RTÉ Radio 1 at 24% (-1) and RTÉ 2FM at 14% (-1).

With regard to market share, an increased figure of 52.5% (+0.6) was recorded for any multi-city/regional/local station in the 7a.m.-7p.m. period.

Newstalk increased its market share figure to 4.0% (+0.1) while Today FM and RTÉ Lyric FM retained share figures of 9.6% and 1.6% respectively. Small decreases were recorded for the remaining national stations: RTÉ Radio 1 at 22.6% (-0.3) and RTÉ 2FM at 9.3% (-0.4).

National (excluding Dublin and Cork)-local stations

Changes in both reach and market share were recorded for almost all local stations in the current survey period.

The top five local radio stations for the survey period were as follows:

Local Station Listenership (Reach)                   Local Station Market Share

1. Highland Radio     69% (same) 1. Highland Radio  63.7% (-0.4)
2 Mid West Radio 52% (same) 2. Tipp FM 57.8% (+2.5)
3. Limerick’s Live 95FM   51% (-2) 3. Radio Kerry   55.6% (+2.0)
4. Radio Kerry 50% (+3) 4. Mid West Radio 50.5% (-1.0)
5. Tipp FM 49%  (-1) 5. Shannonside/Northern Sound 46.8% (+0.6)

Multi-City and Regional stations

Beat 102-103FM, serving the south-east, maintained a weekday reach figure of 19%   and recorded a market share figure of 11.5% (-0.6).

In the north-west region, i102-104 maintained a weekday reach figure of 19%  and  increased its market share figure to 13.6% (+1.7).

Spin South West increased its weekday reach figure to 19% (+1.0) and also increased its market share figure to 10% (+0.2).

In the north-east/midlands area, i105-107FM maintained a daily listenership figure of 6% and increased its market share to 3.8% (+0.2).

4FM, the multi-city service, achieved a weekday reach of 3% (+1) and increased its market share to 2.0% (+0.5).

Dublin-local stations

FM104 continues to have the highest weekday reach of local Dublin stations at 19% (same). Spin 1038FM and Q102 increased their reach by 1% each to 14% and 13% respectively. 98FM achieved a figure of 14% (-1).

Weekday reach figures for the other local Dublin stations remained the same when compared to the previous survey period:  Country Mix 106.8 at 4% and Phantom 105.2 at 3% .

In terms of market share figures, 98FM again recorded the highest market share figure of the local Dublin stations at 10.9% (-0.7). Increases in market share figure were recorded for Q102 at 10.3% (+0.9), Spin 1038 at 6.3% (+0.3) and Country Mix 106.8FM at 3.3% (+0.3). The remaining stations FM104 and Phantom FM recorded figures of 9.7% (-0.8) and 1.1% (-0.4) respectively.

Cork-local stations

The combined reach of Cork’s 96FM/C103 was 48% (same) while a share figure of 43.3 (-0.3) was recorded. Separate figures for both services are detailed in the tables provided.

Cork’s Red FM achieved a reach figure of 20% (-1) and increased its recorded share figure to 10.4 (+0.1).

For Full details of the reach and market share figures together with the weekly reach figures for all stations please visit the BAI website.

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On being a Radio Slut

Radio can be anywhere . . . or everywhere

Monday 12th July sees my return to Radio Caroline after an 11 year break, and so I will now be presenting regular weekly shows for three stations – Radio Seagull (on Saturdays), Phantom 105.2 (Sundays) and Radio Caroline (Mondays).

So why three stations, and how can I justify each of them as being “the best” to their listeners?

To answer that, I have to track back in time quite a bit, a quarter of a century, to my first steps into the world of radio.  This month marks 25 years since I did my first ever radio show, on South East Sound, a small landbased pirate in South London, which was campaigning for a rock music licence for the capital city which had just 2 commercial stations at that time.

Now, 25 years on, we live in a world where there is vastly more choice available, in no small part due to the efforts of the people behind  stations such as South East Sound, Caroline and Phantom over the years and I’m delighted to be regularly broadcasting on three unique and strong independent operations in European radio.

Dublin’s Phantom 105.2 is at the centre of music culture in one of the most vibrant and creative cities in these islands, and I feel very privileged to be still going strong after 10 years with the station. I learn something new, discover something fresh and exciting every time I walk into the Phantom studios, and I love that.

Joining the crew at Radio Seagull has allowed me to be really creative in mixing classic and prog rock of 5 decades with new material in an environment where nothing is off limits, and it’s great to be able to bring some of the new Irish rock bands to an audience in The Netherlands and further afield.

And Radio Caroline, still a proud independent voice after all these years, gives me access to  a huge potential audience in the UK via the Sky Digital system, and lets me indulge in my taste for a wide range of musical genres. Caroline  has always been about real people sharing their passion for music in a down to earth style, and so many of the people I admire as real radio broadcasters have passed through it’s studios – or never left!

Back in 1985 when I joined South East Sound in London we were campaigning for more radio serving more interests, and I think it’s great that we have so much more choice in 2010, and that I can now be involved in three stations which though all different in content and coverage, are all keeping the flag flying for independent, alternative music and diverse voices on the airwaves.


Programme Times:

Radio Seagull 1800-2000 (UK/Irish time) every Saturday

Phantom 105.2 1200-1500 on Sundays

Radio Caroline 1400-1600 on Mondays.