Slaving Over A Hot Computer

So that’s it – Christmas over, and nose back to the grindstone.

I have a lot to do in my various different worlds this month – a complex global IT project to manage, a ream of radio shows to put together and present, and a second draft of my second bookRunning Away From The Circus – to complete.

In times past, these would all be involve very different locations and equipment – transmitter rooms on salt-enrusted radioships, bright office buildings and meeting rooms, and quiet book-lined rooms.

These days though, all my efforts in all the different fields end up as gigabytes of data passing through routers and stored in giant data centres.

Ireland is actually becoming a location of chice for many of these vast temples of computing, as our temperate climate makes cooling less expensive.

Pictured above is a so called “hot corridor” between the backs of several hundred racked servers at a location in the west of Ireland.

Warmer than a drafty hold in a rusty radio ship, and cleaner too, but not quite so much fun!