Happy New Year? Let’s Make it So.

Walking in the Kerry mountains on the last day of 2011

2011 has mostly been a year of transition for me. It involved opening doors to a few new outlooks, and closing doors on other parts of my life where things weren’t working or it was time to move on. A few spots of difficulty, mostly self-inflicted and quickly recovered from, were outweighed by many cherished moments with friends and family, including a stint on the Ross Revenge at Easter and one at sea with Seagull in June, a novel and wonderful trip around London of which I will write more later, and my best Christmas in years.

Mostly though 2011 involved making changes and laying plans which will come to fruition in 2012, and I’m greatly looking forward to many of these things.

My second book, Running Away From The Circus, will be published in March (more details on that here in the weeks to come) but before that I will have another short story – Schrodinger’s Bus –  in print in the third Seven Towers Census Anthology in February. After Running Away From The Circus,  a further book is already half-finished, and I hope to complete it in 2012, so that in 2013 I can begin serious work on the 4th, which is structurally planned and a small part written.

I am happy with my shows on Radios Seagull and Caroline, but have something else planned which will increase my reach in the radio world, in fact more than one something. Details, as always, closer to the time . .

I’m planning a trip to Canada, and hopefully a return visit to the wonderful folk of the Ramsgate RNLI too.

I want to develop my mind in 2012, and reverse some of the neglect of my body – for the last month I’ve been walking every day, and I hope to have the drive to keep this up and push further back to youthful fitness in the year ahead.

Whatever 2012 brings, it will stand or fail on my own efforts – If I want it happy, I must make it so.

For you, can I wish you a peaceful New Year, and the opportunity to reach your goals in the next 12 months too.

All the best,


Nowhere Else

Someone was asking me this morning how long I’ve been with Phantom now. It’ll be 8 years in November.

8 years! That time has certainly flown by.

Our Programme Controller Sinister Pete was saying to me the other day that in all that time he has never seen me in a bad mood. (Unless you count than that one time that I was mildly grumpy when I couldn’t get the magic 8-Ball to work properly on The Two Petes . .)

I’m not some sort of a saint who goes round in a perpetual good mood. I’m just usually pretty happy when I’m around Phantom because I enjoy it so much. What’s not to like about being paid to come in and play music that I enjoy, discover new music being played by the others on the station or listed by the Music Director, and get texted or emailed by a whole bunch of people who seem very receptive and happy with what I’m doing?

There is lots of grumpy Steve when I am doing my other job in the IT industry or struggling to meet deadlines for college or journalistic assignments.

But Phantom, no matter what time of day or night, no matter how busy I have been, or how many hours I’ve already worked, is a tonic, and a wake-up. I always leave the studio with a foot-wide smile on my face. No other place could do that for me.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun.