Upcoming shows September 2009


Despite being closeted away writing my second book (more on that soon) I’m still associated with Phantom 105.2 in Dublin, and will be popping up on air from time to time, when a window in my schedule coincides with a slot they need filled.

Here are my confirmed air-dates for September:

Saturday 12th 0800-1100 (weekend breakfast)

Saturday 12th 1100-1200 (guest on Kiosk the arts show)

Sunday 13th 1900-2100 Random Access (all request show)


Saturday 19th 0800-1100 (weekend breakfast)

Sunday 20th 1900-2100 Random Access (all request show)


You can hear Phantom on 105.2fm around Dublin, nationwide on UPC Cable Ch.935, and worldwide via www.phantom.ie

Hope you can join me sometime