The Jenni Baynton at Sea

These pictures were taken by myself during May 2010 and show the former lightship, now radioship Jenni Baynton, transmitting from a point 8 miles offshore in the Wadden Sea.

In all cases you can click on the picture to see a bigger version.

All photos are © Steve Conway.

Jenni Baynton anchored in the Wadden Sea, May 2010

Closer view, showing light tower and radio mast.

The stern of the ship, showing where helipad was added in latter years.

Port side view as I was leaving on the tender

The radio mast for the mediumwave antenna on the ship.

Another view of the tower, taken on a sunnier day!

The main deck at the front of the ship.

The bridge and light tower on the Jenni Baynton

Lookingtowards the front from porthole at bridge level, outside studio.

Port deck looking forward.

The Light Tower

View aft from the top of the light tower

View forward from the light tower

The mirrors in the ligh room give strange distorted images of the ship. The original high intensity lights have had to be removed and replaced with simple lightbulbs as this is a decomissioned light vessel.

More Pictures:

Inside the Jenni Baynton

The Jenni Baynton crew

One Comment on “The Jenni Baynton at Sea”

  1. excellent pics, yeah, it was a great time on board that saturday, 8th may! 🙂

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