Jenni Baynton crew

These pictures were taken during May 2010 as the Jenni Baynton was transmitting 8 miles off the Dutch coast, and feature the crew of Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull DJs who were aboard at the time.

You can click on any picture to see a larger version.

All pictures © Steve Conway.

Steve Conway with the Jenni Baynton in the background, taken on the tender back to shore

Sietse Brouwer, founder and owner of Radio Seagull & Waddenzee.

Chris Kennedy presenting his show on Radio Seagull

Ship's transmitter engineer Walter Gralle with Steve Conway

Radio Waddenzee presenter Herry Kuipers who also doubled as an excellent cook on board the Jenni Baynton

Sietse and Chris talk music in the messroom

Sietse, Bart Surlee (Waddenzee presenter), Herry & Chris on the back deck.Sietse, Bart Surlee (Radio Waddenzee presenter), Herry & Chris on the upper deck.

Chris, Walter, Sietse & Herry

Steve and Chris with Ellie Van Amstel, who arrived in the second week for Radio Waddenzee.

The crew say goodbye and take photos as I leave with Herry.

More Pictures:

The Jenni Baynton at sea

Inside the Jenni Baynton

One Comment on “Jenni Baynton crew”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks to not just someone (news editor Phil of the Harwich harbour RMA RSL in 2001; just before that RSL I launched The Floating Dutchman), who I’ve met for the first time on the LV18, I’ve got your great link.

    Your great (you really have an eye for it; just one to one Cloggie language …) pictures bring back so good memories!

    Best whishes (also to your brother; a pity he wasn’t in A’dam on 14/11/09),


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