Inside the Jenni Baynton

Pictures taken inside the former light ship, turned radioship Jenni Baynton, taken in May 2010.

All pictures are © Steve Conway

The main studio on the Jenni Baynton, used for the live programmes of Radios Waddenzee and Seagull. This is situated at bridge leval.

With portholes on three sides, the studio offers great views of the surrounding sea and activities on deck.

The transmitter room on the Jenni Baynton, with main transmitter (left) audio processing (centre) and standby transmitter (right).

Engineer's workshop

Main messroom

After being decomissioned as a light vessel, the ship was used for severalyears as a floating nightclub, and still has a full fancefloor complete with stage, DJ booth, and lighting gantry. well as a fully equipped bar!

Every radioship has to have a collection of radios . .

The interior of the Jenni Baynton is very spacious, with wide corridors and stairways

More Pictures:

The Jenni Baynton at sea

The Jenni Baynton crew

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