Shiprocked (book)

About the book:


life on the waves with Radio Caroline

AUTHOR: Steve Conway

CATAGORIES: non-fiction, biography, entertainment

  • ISBN-10: 1909718521
  • ISBN-13: 978-1909718524

Published:  by Liberties Press, Dublin.

March 2009 (1st edition),  December 2014 (2nd edition, expanded)

Available to buy at most good bookshops

Buy online: from Radio Caroline webshop (UK) or from Amazon

Shiprocked - Life On The Waves With Radio Caroline (2014 edition)

Shiprocked – Life On The Waves With Radio Caroline (2014 edition)

is the tale of how I joined Radio Caroline in the mid 1980s, and of the 5 amazing years that followed, as the station and its crew went through good times and bad, ending up with the 1991 shipwreck that brought Caroline’s days as an offshore pirate to an end.

Although set against the backdrop of the various crises, technical and political, that beset the station over a turbulent period at the end of the 1980s, this is primarily a story of people, as I join and learn to make my way in the strange and isolated society of broadcasters based on the ship Ross Revenge, permanently anchored in international waters, 18 miles off the British coast.

Dramatic winter storms and balmy summer days form the backdrop to the changing lives and relationships of those on board. Sometimes scary, often challenging and occasionally comical, the situations faced on board the Ross Revenge test the crew to the limit, and force me to grow and change in ways I never expected.

Illustrated with never before published photos from my own collection, and from the collection of offshore radio historian John Burch.

for information, interviews & trade enquiries please contact Liberties Press

12 Comments on “Shiprocked (book)”

  1. Derick Davis says:

    I await for your publication. It was when i discovered Caroline for the 1st time. Thanks to Laser 558,i never knew you was bobbing up and down out there, all that time.
    Those were great days, my youth in the 80’s.I know what the youth of the 60’s felt having that friend out at sea,
    I remember hearing you on air many times. And that interview shown on BBC,where you pretended to be broadcasting whilst talking to the interviewer. I still have it somehwere
    Great days, that i know will never return. I know she still exists, but in her format, she has lost that factor, that she had on the high seas.
    May she 1 day. break the mould again.

  2. peter bartle says:

    hi steve ,,,i used to listen to u all the time on caroline …i met u lots of times , visited the ross lots , came out to see u at sea ( it was too rough to get on board sadly ) visited the ross in dover and at canary wharf . i now run my own internet radio station in my spare time ….email me at i will send u the link also u can google it ..type BLUESKYFM ….( IT SAYS online internet radio station ) click the link . think u will love it ……………. do let me know ..oh and i do a full time job too ………

  3. peter bartle says:

    i will be buying a copy of your book ….it will bring back so many memories

    • Tony says:

      Can’t wait to get this book. Peter I was on that trip with you- remember it was so rough and it took us six hours to get out there and the fliter blocked on the way back but as we had ernie on board by then,he fixed it.
      great memories and I hope you still have your copies pf the pics I took.
      last time we met was on the rally after the raid.
      Take care


  4. Stewart Edwards says:

    Hi Steve,

    Received a copy of your book via the Radio Caroline webshop this week and what a great read.
    Thank you for all those memories of the Ross Revenge through some very hard times for you guys.
    It was great to learn of all your efforts to keep the radio ship on the air. I followed Caroline’s transmissions all through the period you write about.
    If you’re reading this and haven’t yet bought the book, I advise you to without delay. Available from
    Keep on Rocking,

  5. Mike says:

    Back in 1988/89 Used to listen to Carolines overnight shortwave broadcasts in the West of Ireland. Sometimes I managed to get 819/963 as well although at the time I was more into the music played on the 558 service. Wish there was a station like that around today. Loved the book. lots of memories really looking foward to the audio stuff on the website. Just one thing though I got a sheet (can scan and email if you like) with a password for the “protected” area but it doesnt seem to work ? Has it been changed or am I doing something wrong ?

  6. Steve,
    I’m not a ‘bookreader’ but ordered your book through SMC and read it out at once. I must admit i really enjoyed reading it.
    Is your next book you’re writing for the moment also about radio ?

  7. Frans VandeWetering says:

    Hi Steve,

    Was surprised to find your book available via barnes and noble here in the US. As a dutchmen living in the US since 1986 but also a huge offshore radio fan I thought your book was very good and well written. I’m of course a member of the download club and participate in the forum where I put a plug in for your book. Heard the interview on Radioday 2009. Still dream about what it would have been like to have been part of that. I do think my move to the US was a good one though….

  8. Mark Keable says:

    Just finished reading your book Steve. Fantastic thanks for reliving your days and thanks to all Caroline crews throughout the years for bringing us THE ultimate radio station

  9. Johan Keersebilck - Belgium says:

    Steve, I found your book very interesting and enjoyed reading it..
    It was really fantastic.

  10. jim p says:

    Great book. Whar exta content is available by password?

  11. John bell says:

    It’s 2017 and your book is still relevant , i have ordered one to day from amazon.
    What are your views on the ” new pretender” from Spain/Russia ?john

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