Passion Money Can’t Buy

Australian station Triple J and one listener with a passion show how radio can still inspire

Australia's Gold Coast - Sea, Sun, Shimmering Cities . . . and great radio

Australia’s Gold Coast – Sea, Sun, Shimmering Cities . . . and great radio

(all images on this post used with the permission of Annette Paradies)

Yesterday was Australia Day. As I passed through Facebook there was perhaps a smattering more than usual of Aussie inspired material amongst the endless  pictures of flowers and kittens, the exhortations to be one of the 7% to repost some piece of chain-letter guff, and Youtube clips of 70s disco hits.

But then something caught my eye.


Pure unadulterated passion, by the bucketload, and for two subjects very close to my heart – radio and music.

An Aussie girl Annette Paradies who friended me a couple of years ago after stumbling across Shiprocked and enjoying it (so, in other words, a rock chick of impeccable taste) was giving a blow by blow account of one of the high points of her radio year – station Triple J’s annual Hottest 100 countdown.

It was impossible not to be sucked in by the sheer enthusiasm and enjoyment she was displaying as she posted every entry on the Hot 100 with her own commentary  – on the band, on her own selections, on the radio station – the sort of passion that radio needs to inspire if it is to stay ahead of the game in a world full of mp3 players, video streaming, and limitless TV channels.



I had only intended being online for a few minutes, but Annette had me hooked, and I was soon visiting the Triple J website and finding out all about the station for myself.

This is the sort of advocacy that money can’t buy, and I can only hope that other stations sit up and take notice.

Your listeners are your strongest asset. Feed them safe pap and they’ll stay tranquilized.

Excite them, and they’ll be selling you station for you, on every street corner.

By the way, the image at the top of the post, is how I imagine Australia is, always, and the Hottest 100 certainly took place against such a sunny backdrop inside my head.

But below is what this weekend actually looked like on the Gold Coast . .


Thanks Annette for a vivid slice of Australian life and music, and I hope you all stay safe in those storms.


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