Women’s Silent Voices, Lunchtime Shoes, and Men’s Bare Bottoms

Bare naked men (and women)? Yes – tastefully. Lunchtime shoes? – only by mistake. But the ones asking if I’m dead yet are mildly disturbing, and I’ve never been able to fathom my contribution to historical feminism.

But I must be the expert – Google says so!

It’s strange the things you see in your Google search referral logs – the daily/weekly/monthly stats you get with WordPress telling you what search terms people had entered on Google that brought them to your site. There used to be a great site called “Disturbing Search Requests” where bloggers shared these, but it seems to have closed recently. Which is a pity, as I have more than my fair share . .

So, I can accept that I frequently get searches for “men’s bare bottoms” and “naked arse” due to the story I published back in 2009 about the taking of a certain photo by Hotpress Magazine’s talented rock photographer Ruth Medjber. (and you should check out her cool photo blog at http://ruthlessimagery.wordpress.com/ for really cool and iconic backstage and onstage concert shots).

I can accept the typos that occasionally result in wonderful mental imagery – “RTE shoes at lunchtime in the 1960s

But “the silent voices of women in the middle-ages” ?  I’ve never written or published anything even remotely like that!

Except, of course, now I have, so I will doubtless become a genuine target for people looking for silent historical women, lunchtime shoes, and more bare arses.

More disturbing is the search I saw in my logs last month “Is Steve Conway dead yet?”

Some other gems that recently led frustrated Google searchers to stumble upon my site:

“pictures of seagulls” – yes, I see why they came here, but I’m sure this post was not quite what they were looking for.

“dartford big balloons” – no idea how this brought someone here.

“empty seas” – I get this a lot, almost every day, and am amazed that I seem to be one of the few sources for this!

“cheap girls + music of the special years” – because the music is less special if they are classy.

“what man did in frog on ferry” – I suspect it was actually fog and brought them to this post, or at least I hope so . . .

“Tasty Breakfasts” – ah yes, but not this kind I’ll wager.

And finally, I love this one, because although it is not wrong, it is wonderfully specific:

“steve conway’s excellent pics of the ross taken on saturday” – so not the ones on any other day or the week . .


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