FM104 and Phantom gain Dublin audience share in July 2011 JNLRs


The latest JNLR/Ipsos MRBI report into radio listening is published today (28th July, 2011). It covers the 12-month period from July 2010 to June 2011. The latest results show daily radio listening at 85% – that is 85% of all adults listening every weekday. A total of c 15,300 people were interviewed during the survey period by Ipsos MRBI, on behalf of JNLR – Joint National Listenership Research – that is funded by all national, regional and local stations, BAI, AAI, and IAPI.

Looking at the various regions throughout the country, national radio holds the majority share position in Dublin (55%) and the Multi-city area (51%) while local/regional radio is in the majority in other regions.. Among the younger, 15-34 year old audience across the country, local/regional radio holds the national majority share position at 65% (+2%) versus 35% for national radio.  Local radio continues to be a strong performer in the individual radio markets across the country – in many areas reaching more than 40% of the local adult population daily (particularly in the south and west) and in Kerry, Mayo, the Shannonside area and Donegal Nth, more than 50% of the adult population tune in daily. In particular, on the criterion of share of minutes listened during prime 7am to 7pm, Highland Radio, Tipp FM, Radio Kerry, MWR and Shannonside 104FM hold the majority share position in their franchise areas.

Listening data for Radio Nova is included in a supplementary volume based on the period since launch – September 2010 to June 2011. In this period, Radio Nova reaches 5% of the population in the Dublin Commuter area, on an average day, and has a share of 3.0% of minutes listened (prime-time 7am-7pm).

For full details, the report is available for download from the BAI Website.

However the headlines are:


RTE Radio 1 23.5% (up 0.3%)

Today FM  8.9% (down 0.6%)

RTE 2FM 7.3% (down 0.5%)

Newstalk 4.1% (steady)


98FM 9.0 (+0)

FM104 12.4 (+1.0)

Q102 10.7 (-.4)

Sunshine 106.8 2.4 (-.5)

Spin 1038 5.9 (-.6)

Phantom 105.2 .8 (+.1)

4FM 0.8 (- 0.5)



2 Comments on “FM104 and Phantom gain Dublin audience share in July 2011 JNLRs”

  1. Dave Conway says:

    I’m managing a young limerick rock band called animal beats.
    They can be seen on
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    We really appreciate you might give them a run on one of your shows.

    Thank You
    David Conway

    • steveconway says:

      Hi David, I’m always keen on supporting new music, so I will give them a listen this week! Thanks, Steve

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