Lovingly Crafted New (Old) AM Transmitter

OK, this one is for the more technically minded radio enthusiasts.

Out here on board the former lightship Jenni Baynton, our engineer Walter Gralle has been building a copy of one of the old-fashioned high-power AM transmitters as used on the offshore stations of the past. This is similar, apparently, to a transmitter used on the Caroline ship Mi Amigo in the 60s.

Below are some photos of this magnificent piece of valve- driven transmitting equipment, which is nearing completion.










8 Comments on “Lovingly Crafted New (Old) AM Transmitter”

  1. Paul de Haan says:

    Thanks Steve for once again coming over to Holland and the live programmes on Seagull with so much dedication to offshore radio. And ofcourse your great pictures.

  2. cev says:

    while so many fools are tapping and clicking away on disposable ‘iphones’ and whatnot, its great to see so much effort still put into something that could last a hundred years.
    great work

  3. Bob Mower says:

    It is indeed a thing of beauty. I have an early Radio Jackie TX in the shed which I’m ocassionally tempted to switch on

  4. ian smith says:

    Has Peter Murthur seen it in the flesh?

  5. Father Brian says:

    Great pics – they remind me of the valve receivers that my dad used to build and repair on the kitchen table in the 1950s!

  6. keith rogers says:

    The pics remind me of great past memories.I heard Seagull 1395 when near Wolverhampton late Sunday afternoon 13/11/11.Hope the tests have been successfull !.

  7. Steve ball says:

    I picked up seagul for the first time this morning and although poor it sounded good as far as music content. To say you are the last remaining pirate ship is a bit up yourself. What about ross revenge.

    Steve Bal Southampton

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