Finally, Someone Talks Sense On Radio Audience Figures

There's more to driving audience growth than just flicking switches

A great post from Christopher England today on his England’s England blog –

Chris talks about music radio audience, and why niche market stations can sometimes drive their listener figures in the wrong direction when they try to apply “accepted wisdom” to their programming philosophy. I won’t quote him here – you should head over and read the full thing – but I will say that there is more than one station in my own market, Dublin, that could do with following his advice.

You may not have come across Christopher England  before, but you may well have listened to stations that used him behind the scenes.

Chris has always been a bright kid, ahead of the pack, and with a special interest in talk radio he always has something to say, and it’s usually worth listening to. From the landbased pirates in London in the early 80s, through Caroline offshore and on to stations such as TalkSport, Chris has worked at the sharp end long enough to know what’s what, and his career includes launching and running his own satellite radio station – Euronet – with a mixture of speech and music programming that was a little ahead of its time in 1992.

People sometimes talk about their “fantasy radio lineup” and if I ever win the lottery and buy my own radio station, Chris will be on mine twice – once with his unique brand of talk show, and again as creative director for evening/overnight 7pm-7am output.

Chris’s daily updates will have you laughing, thinking, and occasionally spitting, but they are always worth reading, even those that I disagree with.

His columns on mass-market  radio should be printed out and pinned up on the programme directors wallboard.


One Comment on “Finally, Someone Talks Sense On Radio Audience Figures”

  1. Steve, thank you for your very kind words about me and my words. I’m ready to take up my two positions on your fantasy radio station as soon as you have it up and running, sir. It would be fun and an honour to work alongside you, but only as long as we can play at least one Jedward song each hour. I could maybe also take time to help you see the error of your ways when it comes to your devotion to Apple products too. (Only kidding)

    On the radio front, currently I’m most excited by a station that’s coming out of Libya, which you or your readers may like to listen to this evening. To me, they really bring back that exciting edge to exactly what the power of radio can be or should be. Radio in our countries seems to have lost its way. In Libya, the very existence of the station poses a serious threat to the life of those involved. When was that ever the case in Ireland or the UK?

    Find them at

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