May 2011 JNLR (Irish Radio Audience) figures released

The latest results from the Ipsos MRBI JNLR survey covering the period April 2010 – March 2011 were released today (Thursday 5th May 2011) by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)

The survey results indicated that 85% (same) of the adult population was listening daily to a mix of national, regional, multi-city and local radio throughout the country.

For the purposes of comparison, figures for this survey period are compared with the January 2010 – December 2010 figures.

The main changes and highlights are as follows:

National Reach and Market Share

Listenership of 58% (+1) was recorded to any multi city/regional/local/Dublin commuter radio service.

The weekday reach figures remained unchanged for RTÉ Radio 1 (25%), Today FM (13%), Newstalk (8%) and RTÉ Lyric FM (3%) while RTÉ 2FM recorded a figure of 12% (-1).

With regards to market share, a figure of 53.2% (-0.4) was recorded for any multi city/regional/local/dublin commuter radio service in the 07:00hrs-19:00hrs period

RTÉ Radio 1, Today FM and Newstalk recorded increased in market share at 23.2% (+0.5), 9.5% (+0.2) and 4.1% (+0.1) respectively. RTÉ Lyric FM retained a market share figure of 1.7% while RTÉ 2FM recorded figure of 7.8% (-0.4).

National (excluding Dublin and Cork) local stations
Changes in both reach and market share were recorded for almost all local stations in the current survey period. The top five placed local radio stations for this survey period were as follows:
Local Station Listenership (Reach)
Local Station Market Share
Highland Radio 66% (-1)
Highland Radio 61.7% (-0.6)
Shannonside 53%(same)
Radio Kerry 58.0% (+1.0)
Midwest Radio 51% (+2)
Radio Kerry 51% (same)
Tipp FM 51.2% (-4.5)
WLR FM 49% (+1)
Midwest Radio 49.2% (+0.3)
Limerick’s Live 95FM 48% (-2)
Shannonside 48.7% (-0.3)

Multi-City/Regional/Dublin Commuter
4FM, the multi-city service, maintained a weekday reach figure of 3% (same) and recorded a market share figure of 1.8% (same).

In terms of regional services, in the north-east/midlands region, i105-107FM retained its reach figure of 9% and increased its market share to 7.3% (+0.3). In the south-west, Spin South West retained its weekday reach figure of 21% and recorded a market share figure of 10.9% (-0.1). In the north-west region, i102-104FM retained is weekday reach figure of 20% and increased its market share to 14.3% (+0.3). In the south-east region, Beat 102-103FM retained a weekday reach figure of 19% and recorded a market share figure of 12.2% (-0.9).

Listening data for Radio Nova is included in a supplementary volume based on the period since launch (September 2010-March 2011). Radio Nova recorded a reach figure of 5% while the station recorded a market share figure of 2.9%.

Dublin local stations
In Dublin, increases in reach figures were recorded for Spin 1038 at 15% (+1) and Q102 at 14% (+1).

FM 104, Sunshine 106.8 and Phantom 105.2 retained weekday reach figures of 20%, 3% and 2% respectively. 98FM recorded a reach figure of 13% (-1).

In terms of market share FM 104 increased its figure to 11.4% (+0.2). Q102 retained its share figure of 11.1% while the remaining stations recorded figures as follows: 98FM 9.0% (-2.6), Spin 1038 6.5% (-0.1), Sunshine 106.8 2.9% (-0.3) and Phantom 105.2 0.7% (-0.1).

Cork local stations
The combined reach of Cork’s 96FM/C103 increased to 49% (+3.0) while a share figure of 45.0% (+3.3) was recorded.

Cork’s Red FM achieved a reach figure of 18% (-1.0) and a market share figure of 10.3% (-0.3).

Full details of the reach and market share figures together with the weekly reach figures for all stations are available in the JNLR report available on the BAI website.

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  1. john byrne says:

    a little tip, why not make your information more user friendly – maybe a table? or graph? instead of reams of figures within text

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