A few more Tilbury pictures

I’m safely back home in Dublin now after an amazing week’s live broadcasting from the Radio Caroline ship Ross Revenge at Tilbury Port.

Below are a few photos that I didn’t get around to uploading in my earlier live blogs from the ship.

Bigger versions are available by clicking on the picture in each case.

Steve Conway on-air in Studio 2 on the Ross Revenge

Studio 1, the original or "heritage" studio, where I used to broadcast at sea in the 1980s

One for the aerial enthusiasts - our 531 AM setup.

What a tangled web we weave - all this steelwork (x 2 - one either end of ship) was needed at sea just to hold up the thin strands of aerial wire

Dave Foster cooking one of his famous Caroline Breakfasts

The lock gates that protect the water level in Tilbury Port. The M25 Dartford Crossing bridge can be seen in the distance

We're a clean-living bunch on the Ross Revenge . .

The best beds in the world - comfortable, quiet, and offering utter darkness below the waterline.

View from the bridge in the dead of night

My last view of the Ross as I left after my show in the early hours of Friday morning, April 29th 2011.

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