. . and followed up beautifully.

Following on from my comments yesterday about the way BBC Radio 4’s The Archers handled its anniversary and other plotlines in its usual understated, skillful manner, tonight’s episode followed on perfectly from the fall of much loved Nigel Pargetter from a high roof, and a day of “Is Nigel dead or not” speculation amongst fans.

Again eschewing the TV soap model which would have had us evesdrop on the immediate and gory aftermath, tonight’s episode instead opened the morning after, as news is spreading amongst relatives, and the Nigel’s widow Elizabeth is in a shocked state of near silence. We get told that she saw the body after the fall and had to be pried away from it, but we don’t have to hear it firsthand. We know that her brother David encouraged Nigel up onto the roof against his better judgment, but no one else does yet. We’re not even sure if David remembers this yet either, as he is in a shock induced daze also, having witnessed the terrible fall. David will remember. His conscience is too strong to let him him stay quiet, but there are no screaming recriminations . . yet.

Well done Archers team. Gripping drama, handled with sensitivity as always.


One Comment on “. . and followed up beautifully.”

  1. Mike Terry says:

    Well written Steve, sometimes sad events do occur even in Ambridge.

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