Back in Action June 26/27th

After a few weeks away for a minor medical procedure, I’m back on the radio this weekend with my regular Sunday show on Dublin’s Phantom 105.2fm, plus I’m covering an extra slot on Saturday too.

Sat 26th 1200-1430

Sun 27th 1200-1500

It’ll be nice to catch up with all the latest music – I never walk out of Phantom Towers without having picked up at least one new band or release that I want to buy.

You can catch me on Phantom via 105.2fm in Dublin and surrounding counties, on UPC Digital Cable Ch 935 around Ireland, and worldwide via or the Phantom iPhone app

Watch this space for forthcoming details of new regular shows on a station elsewhere in Europe . .


One Comment on “Back in Action June 26/27th”

  1. Niamh B says:

    excellent news, hope you’re doing well medically! I shall try and tune in at the appropriate times

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