Seagull Offshore – The Pictures

Hi all,

Now I’m back in Ireland I have, as promised, put together a good selection of photos from my week aboard the floating rock station off the Dutch coast, Radio Seagull, and its ship, the Jenni Baynton.

There are a lot of pictures, so there are divided into three sections, as below:

View pictures of:

The Jenni Baynton at sea

Inside the Jenni Baynton

The Jenni Baynton crew

Enjoy – I did!


One Comment on “Seagull Offshore – The Pictures”

  1. John Burch says:

    Have now had a good look through your photos. Very interesting indeed. You clearly enjoyed yourself – and no wonder! Sietse has to be commended for having the enthusiasm to take the ship to see and broadcast properly. What a fabulous thing to do. That’s what a certain other radio ship really ought to be aiming to do too.

    Good luck to you all.

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