Clear White Light

My 4th day on board the former lightship turned offshore radioship Jenni Baynton off the coast of Holland.

I’m having great fun presenting programmes on both Radios Waddenzee and Seagull, and will be on Seagull again tonight from 2100-000 UK time (2200-0100 en Nederlands).

Today I got to do something really exciting – climb up the ladders to the top of the on board lighthouse tower, and stand in the glass room at the very top, with 360 degree view from a 50 foot elevation above deck.

The light room has an amazing atmosphere and is full of strange distorted images in the giant mirrors. An interesting place to sit and think, and possibly a very inspiring writing place.

I’ll write in more detail and share lots of views when I’m back on land and don’t have to do this through a mobile phone, which is a pain!

But for now here are a couple of shots to be getting on with, of the view out high over the back deck, and the front of the ship, curved and upside down in the lightmirror.


3 Comments on “Clear White Light”

  1. Niamh B says:

    Wow talk about atmospheric – those shots are beauts

  2. Golgo brone says:

    Awesome shot from teh light tower through the rigging!!!!! Post more pics Steve!! Pic out the ship for us!!! Above and below the deck!

  3. Golgo Brone says:

    I lveo teh other shot…a great big ol’light ship with a 70 watt bulb to run it!!! HAHAHAHA!!

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