More Seagull pictures

Days 2 & 3 on board the ship passing far too quickly in a flurry of white horses and great music.

In addition to Radio Seagull at night, I’ve been doing some daytime shows on Radio Waddenzee in the daytime, which is lovely as it adds a real variety to my stay here.

Later I will be getting to explore the light tower.

Next shows:

Seagull tonight (Tue) 2000-2200 BST (2100-2300 en Nederland)

Radio Waddenzee tomorrow (Wed) 1000-1300 (Nederland) (0900-1200 BST).

Both on 1602khz or online:

One Comment on “More Seagull pictures”

  1. John Burch says:

    Heard the dedication loud and clear. Belatrix – most appropriate – not to mention the liberty bit. I love the sound of the waves and the atmosphere is great. Loved the chat about the abandoned island for example.

    Am really getting into it and will put something on the infoline tonight I PROMISE!

    Keep up the good work all of you and Hi to Chris of course.

    Anita and Lorna say thanks (Calum is in Surbiton these days at Kingston University, but it’s recorded for him!).



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