Back on the Ross

Myself (left) with Peter Moore on board the Ross at Tilbury

Another highlight of my trip to the UK last weekend was the chance to set foot on the Radio Caroline ship Ross Revenge again, my first visit in more than 6 years!

I’ve taken lots of photos, and will put them into a large article showing the ship’s many different corners after the weekend.

In the meantime, the pics below show her in her secure location at Tilbury, and myself back in the old 558 studio*.

(*Someone at one of the readings hearing one excerpt from Shiprocked – Life On The Waves with Radio Caroline asked me “what is a 558 studio?”.  Well, it is the main Caroline studio, used for most transmissions in English from 1983 to 1989 (until the raid that is) and because the bulk of that time we were on 558Khz medium wave, it was often referred to as the “558 studio” as at certain times there would be multiple versions of Caroline transmitting, with a rock orientated service on a second frequency from a different studio).

The Ross Revenge as seen in 2010

Studio 1 onboard the Ross Revenge, was the home of Caroline's broadcasts through most of the ship's days at sea. It was always the warmest, most comfortable place on board!

The Gates mixer may look strange if you haven't used one before, but it's easy to use and reliable, and can be run with your eyes closed.

A wonderful visit, and thanks to Peter Moore for arranging it for me.


One Comment on “Back on the Ross”

  1. philip taghon says:

    Hello Steve,

    Good to see you back on the Ross. I purchased your book this winter and had a terrific time reading it around New Year. Thanks for sharing your memories and the efforts you and your mates put in to keep the dream alive in those days. Also thanks for signing your book!

    Although it is hypothetic to believe such wonderful way of making radio can yet come again, sharing what you believed was doing the right thing was also a way for us readers/listeners of making a trip back in the past but also a way of ending an era of a way of living together in a world were everything was much easier than it is today and existence was simply something of surviving, sharing, getting on together with friends and equal-minded people.

    Thanks again

    Philip Taghon
    Jabbeke – Belgium

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