Conway Comes Home to Caroline (for a day)

Steve Conway and Dave Foster on Radio Caroline, 7th March 2010

Have just had a wonderful weekend in the UK, which included returning to the airwaves of Radio Caroline for the first time in 11 years!

My old Caroline shipmate Dave Foster was having a 50th birthday party, which I didn’t want to miss, and great fun was had by all on Saturday night, with many Caroline staff and supporters attending.  I first met Dave when he was out on board the Ross Revenge with me in April and May 1987,at the height of the Caroline 558 era. We rekindled our friendship when he rejoined the station in 1998, as one of the small band who helped get the current-day satellite service started. He’s stayed with Caroline ever since, and also works for the BBC in a technical capacity.

After the party, Dave invited me to join him for his Sunday afternoon show on Caroline, and we had great fun going over the music of the past 5 decades, while sharing memories.

Caroline can be heard online at, or via Sky Ch. 0199.

Thanks to Dave and all involved for a memorable weekend!


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