Joining The Dark Side

Well, I’ve done it. The second of my “10 new things”

Something I’ve never done before in my fourty-something years on this earth.

Something which, admittedly, a lot of men do, particularly in Ireland, but which I find distasteful.

Back in December, I set myself the challenge of doing 10 things I’ve never done before, by the end of 2010. I’ve already recorded here how I started off with a biggie – posing nude for an arty album cover shoot.

Some of these 10 things will be, like that, things which a lot of people might not do. All of them will be things I’ve never done myself, each in some way pushing me out of my comfort zone, whether it be emotionally, physically, socially, or whatever. I’m still building the list in my head, but I have 5 or 6 pencilled in for the next few months.

A couple, like tonight’s activity, might be things which are very normal to most people, but alien to me.

This activity, in fact, is almost expected of me as an Irishman, and during my 16 years living in the UK it was a constant source of amazement to my friends and colleagues that I had never done this.

My excuse, that I felt no need to do it, and that having smelt it, and tasted the merest hint of it as a childI new it was disatsteful to me was swept aside. Somehow, I was less of an Irishman for not having done it.

So now, as the second of my 10 things, I have finally lost my Guinness virginity, and I can say, with more confidence than before, that no, I don’t like it, and I won’t be doing it again.

The darkness is about to overwhelm me

Mission accomplished, out of respect for the bar lady, I try to look like I've enjoyed it!

I brought along some close friends to witness the moment, take the photos, and shame me into finishing the whole pint.

The funny thing is, despite not being a Guinness drinker (or much of a drinker at all come to that – the last time alcahol passed my lips was at my book launch 10 months ago) I somehow found my way onto a Guinness promotional mailing list 6 or 7 years ago, and am regularly bombarded with special offers and glossy broucheres telling me how much I will enjoy watching the football with a six-pack of Guinness beside me (no – not a footy fan either!!!).

I do actually feel really sorry for any Guinness marketing executives who accidently stumble upon this, it’s not nice to see someone say they don’t enjoy your product, but it’s nothing personal. I don’t like all the other pint drinks either, nor whisky, nor brandy etc.

I am however, partial to the odd drop of Baileys . .

So, item number 2 crossed off my list. The next one will not be so easy to accomplish . .


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