Broadcast & Publicity schedule

Publicity and promo work on Shiprocked has continued to occupy me recently with readings and signings in Galway and Dublin. The Galway event, as part of the Volvo Ocean Race celebration, was a particular success, with a large crowd attending the reading at Galway Museum, many of whom were from the yachting and maritime world – they particularly enjoyed hearing the grounding and rescue sequences!

A large number of other readings and events are being planned for later in the summer, through to November, when I will be doing a reading tour in the UK. In addition to this, I have also started work on my second book, which is also non-fiction, and is aimed for publication in the second half of 2010. I’m keeping the topic under wraps for now but will update here as the writing progresses over the months ahead.

With this workload, and my frequent need to be travelling around the country, I’ve had to scale back on my broadcast duties with Phantom 105.2, for the time being. The station management have been remarkably uderstanding about my frequent absences due to writing and promotional commitments, and have given me every help with my various outside projects, but I can’t ask them to do this forever.

Phantom stalwart Sinister Pete takes over the Sunday evening request show Random Access, and the Saturday hours are filled by an extended Phantom Anthems.

Broadcasting is still a passion for me, and I will still be heard on Phantom from time to time, filling in for regular presenters if I am in Dublin at the time.

Life has changed in many exciting ways for me over the past 18 months since I signed up with the Seven Towers Agency, and I have a feeling that in the next year it is going to get more exciting still.


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