Publicity this week

4fm studio looks out over the Dublin skyline

4fm studio looks out over the Dublin skyline

Publicity continues for SHIPROCKED this week, with a review due to be published in the RTE Guide and a forthcoming interview in Hotpress.

On Tuesday I was on 4fm‘s breakfast show for a second time, with Gareth O’Callaghan, himself a former Caroline presenter. Gareth is very helpful about the book, and his team on the breakfast show are a nice bunch, including former Sunshine newsreader Cathy Creegan. Lovely studios with great views across Dublin too.

This weekend I will be on Phantom 0800-1100 on Saturday, and in my normal Sunday evening slot 1900-2100.

3 Comments on “Publicity this week”

  1. Dónal O'Flynn says:

    What years was Gareth on Radio Caroline?
    Also, have you any recording of either of your appearances on his show?

    Thanks a lot Steve!

  2. steveconway says:

    Hi Donal,

    Gareth was on Radio Caroline in 1983, and possibly in early 84.

    He was one of the original crew on board the Ross Revenge when it arrived in the North Sea to relaunch Caroline 3 years after the sinking of the Mi Amigo – in fact his voice features on many of the test transmission announcments leading up to the start of broadcasting on August 19th 1983. On Caroline he went under the name Tony Gareth.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a recording of the two bits I did with him on 4fm – I wish I did!

    All the best

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