More on Gerry Stanek

Writing yesterday about the differences between how election ads and songs are regulated (or not) in the USA compared to Ireland, I mentioned the musician Gerry Stanek, who has brought out a great and very funny track “I’m In Love With A Girl Named Sarah Palin” done in country balled style.

At the time of writing, I only really listened to the track itself, but have since gone back to Gerry’s myspace page to sample his other material, which is well worth a listen.

It’s hard to classify him exactly, as he lies somewhere between country and indie rock, and each song is quite different in style from the last.

Gravity” is nice, “It Ain’t For Me” is quite catchy, but my personal favourite is “They Know My Name” which mixes resigned and downbeat lyrics with 70s sounding backing to produce a song which is suitably plaintive without being over emotive.

Gerry on Myspace

Gerry Stanek blog

A lucky musical discovery for me when I was surfing for a news fix!


One Comment on “More on Gerry Stanek”

  1. Gerry Stanek says:

    Thanks, Steve…I’ve just been meaning to say that I’m grateful for the nice things you wrote about me. I can’t seem to find an e-mail address, so I’ll just submit a comment! Again, thank you!

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