Bedrocking again tonight

I’m filling in on Bedrock (2200-0100) on Phantom 105.2 this evening (Mon 4th August 2008).

There’s nothing quite like late night broadcasting. Over the years, on Phantom and Caroline I’ve been in just about every slot at every time of day, but there is nothing that gets my pulse racing quite like the chance to be on around midnight. It’s more personal, the colours drawn by the music more vivid, or at least that’s how it feels to me. And Bedrock is a great show, with new and classic rock up to midnight, and a more atmospheric, intense hour from midnight to one.

You can tune in on 105.2fm in Dublin and surrounding counties, or DAB in the same area, around the country on UPC cable channel 935, or worldwide via

Any other job, any other employer who wanted me to come in and do extra hours up to 1am would not be greeted with the same sense of excitement.

Some people will tell you that part-time, fill in work on radio is a tough and sometimes soul-destroying business. But I just feel lucky.


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