He’s A Real Nowhere Man

Came across a mention of my strange nowhere accent on a thread in the boards.ie radio section this evening.

Although I was born in Dublin, and lived here until 19, I seem to have picked up a sort of English accent while living in the UK between the ages of 19 and 35. But it is only noticable to Irish people, who hear me as British, while British people hear me as Irish!

Personally, I don’t mind where people think I come from, and find it quite funny when people ask me “why did you decide to come and live in Ireland?”

Listening back to recordings of my various jobs on radio, I can certainly hear how much my speech has changed – I listen to a clip of myself on South East Sound in 95, or my early months on Caroline in 87 and think “what a strong Irish accent”.

By the satellite Caroline era of 98/99, and particular my sojurn at SUSY Radio in Surrey in 2000, I was sounding much more Home Counties, indeed, far more so than I do now, as I seem to be gradually reverting back to Irish again in the years since I came home.

I guess, for now, I am somewhere in the middle of the Irish Sea accent-wise – International Waters I hope!


“that English bloke on Phantom”

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