In praise of: Producers

Yet another thing that I’d never have believed when I was young, and have learned in my old age. Sometimes two heads ARE better than one.

I don’t know what I’d do without my producer (on Random Access, Sundays 1900-2100 Phantom 105.2).

I never thought I’d hear myself say such a thing, as for the vast majority of my radio career I’ve flown solo, presenting entirely self-produced shows. On Caroline, everything was done on your own, though if you were lucky the newsreader might drop down to you with a cup of tea.

And over the years, and on the various stations, pirate and (eventually) legal, it’s always been the same for me. I loved and guarded my independence, and was never really too comfortable with other people lurking in the studio while I presented. (Even more so following an incident in 1989, when a visiting photographer doing a piece for TIME OUT magazine started slowly stroking my thigh while I was in the middle of a long traffic read, and quite unable to either move away or say anything – but that’s another story!)

But since I started presenting Random Access on Phantom when it launched in October 2006, I’ve had my first ever producer (Fiona), and boy have my ideas changed. She does so much, and works so hard to make the show a success, managing all people being put on air for requests, helping me find stuff people are looking for, managing the flood of competition entries etc, I just can’t imagine how I could do it without her.

And it’s great to have someone on tap to bounce ideas off too.

In short, a person who devotes the whole of their efforts to making my show sound good.

I love this getting older and learning new things lark.

Producers are GOOD!


One Comment on “In praise of: Producers”

  1. shiania says:

    It is so rare that producers get recognition, let alone sincereness. I am sure your show is a great success because of the teamwork between the two of you. Not that I have actually heard your show. Great post.

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